Gluten-Free Orange Scented Soda Bread

Gluten free orange scented soda bread

Good morning! Gluten-free orange scented soda bread.
Confession. I wasn't into Valentine's Day this year. Not that I have anything against love. Or chocolate. Or roses. That would make me a stone cold cynic. The prickly sort who kicks away puppies. Or grimaces at kittens and babies. I don't indulge in any such blasphemy.

Though I may be, shall we say, a tad older than the estrogen-fueled audience targeted for Valentine's Day, I am not cantankerous. Yet. Or without sympathy. It's just that I find the accoutrements to our consumerist version of love rather ridiculous. All that red lace. Glitter lipstick. And goddess forbid. Thongs.

I'd rather bake a soda bread. In my flannel PJ's.

Last year we baked mac and cheese for our dinner 'o love. And settled in with a Mad Men DVD. This year it was a tofu stir-fry and a two-hour episode of Downton Abbey 2. I will miss that show madly when it ends- this Sunday! What will I do without Violet, Dowager Countess? Her wit and wisdom?

Perhaps this orange soda bread will help keep my spirits from flagging.

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